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Below see a few examples of clients comments:

It is with great confidence and high regard that I recommend "Roses In Bloom" as a strong choice for anyone seeking professional, creative and responsive
resources when considering an Estate Sale. Roses In Bloom provided the leadership and resources for a large estate sale for my parent's home in Gurnee, Illinois. Their advance preparation in staging a wide array of items including furniture, clothing, china, glassware, tools, allowed for a very successful two day estate sale in December of 2016. Their creative marketing plan included website photos and local newspaper advertisements resulted in a strong attendance and subsequent achievement of our hoped sales and revenue totals.They demonstrated integrity and honesty with the manner in which they consistently conducted themselves and provided the much appreciated reassurance that our items and family keepsakes were in very good hands and that we had selected a trusted
partner during this important time for our family. My recommendation of Roses In Bloom comes with the highest confidence and without reservation.  I am available to provide any further information and can bereached at  I wish you success in your estate sales decisions.

RECOMMENDATION:  North Park area in Chicago

When my husband and I needed to downsize after retirement, we had to get rid of at least 75% of what had been accumulated over the previous 52 years! This included furniture, kitchenware, thousands of books, art, a basement full of tools, camping and photography equipment, 7sets of china from various deceased relatives and truck loads of knick knacks! It was such an enormous undertaking (which is why we put it off for so long). The Roses in Bloom ladies came to the rescue. They divided and conquered our basement, attic and everything in between with enthusiasm (they actually enjoy digging through and finding treasures in other peoples junk), energy, efficiency (they accomplished in a couple of weeks what would have taken a year for us), professionalism, and utmost care not only for the “stuff” but its owners who are parting with it. They took care of the advertising, setting up, and pricing leading up to the estate sale, then managing the crowds and selling for 4 full days while my husband and I went on a little vacation. It was a huge success both in revenues and finding good homes for our no longer needed belongings. We are forever grateful to Roses in Bloom.